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Home RESTAURANTS Fin Seafood Restaurant

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Name brand cialis

183 Glenridge Avenue
Montclair New Jersey, 07042


Neighborhood: Montclair Center

Fin Raw Bar & Kitchen for that increadible seafood experience.

A huge selection awaits Oyster lovers: Naked Cowboys (New York), Saint Simone (New Brunswick); Quanset Point (Rhode Island); Fairfield Point (Connecticut); Quilcene Bay (Washington State); Fanny Bay (British Columbia); Kumamoto (Washington State) or Beau Soliel (Maine).

Select a daily caught fresh whole fish, have it cleaned and cooked to order.

Plus, everyone’s favorites: Little Neck clams, lobster, tuna – a great wonderful seafood selection. Turf lovers won’t be disappointed either!

Gluten-free menu available.

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